Rock Boynton

Embedded Software Engineer | Software Developer
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Snagging a puck out of the air
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I had a computer chip with my school logo painted on the back of my helmet
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30 mile, 4 day, 3 night backpacking trip through Yosemite National park with my 2 best friends
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Wisdom tree hike
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Me and my two dogs on a hike
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Roasting my first Thanksgiving turkey
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My lovely girlfriend and I visiting Chicago
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My awesome family on Christmas Eve



I am an upcoming senior Computer Engineering student at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) focusing on embedded systems. At school, I serve as the lead for my school's Google Developer Student Club chapter and the corresponding secretary of the IEEE - Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) honor society.

When I am not studying or doing laboratory/homework assignments, I enjoy working on personal projects with my Arduino, STM32, and new Raspberry Pi Zero W development boards.

Outside of tech, I am a member of the MSOE varsity hockey team as a goaltender where I have earned NCHA All-Academic team honors for 2 years in a row.

Some of my other interests include hiking/backpacking, skiing, cooking, and spending time with my loved ones.


What I can do for you

Embedded Software Engineering

Extensive experience programming with C and C++ with some Assembly using ARM microcontrollers plus hardware development with VHDL and Qsys

Software Development

Experience developing applications with Python, C++, and Java with git for version control

User Experience Research and Design

Experience conducting user and usability research and designing multimedia


View some of my recent work
Embedded Software

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Automated a hand sanitizer bottle using a photo resistor as a motion sensor to trigger (3) SG90 Servo motors attached with dental floss to the nozzle
  • Utilized a STM32 Nucleo 64 development board w ith ARM microcontroller programmed with C++ and the mbed platform
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Embedded Software/Hardware

Joystick + Accelerometer Controlled Camera Mount

  • Teamed with a partner utilizing a DE10 Lite SoC with Nios II processor to produce a multifunctional camera mount
  • Built custom hardware with VHDL and Qsys including 4 wire SPI component controlling a 10 bit ADXL345 accelerometer chip and an I2C Master component to control an OV7670 camera; developed respective drivers.
  • Assembled an API for application developers in C plus a complete user manual outlining features, architecture, usage, memory map, GPIO pinout, HAL, and example code
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Embedded Software

Remote Locking System

  • Designed and programmed an IR remote lock ing system in C using STM32 Nucleo 64 dev board with UART
  • Used a timer in the MCU to read from an IR sensor soldered on a dev board with interrupts on input capture
  • Decoded the remote IR modulated signals for each key press using an oscilloscope and processed the ISR with a FSM
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Software Application Development

Transit System Application

  • Worked in a group of 4 to develop an application with Java/JavaFX to view and edit GTFS files in a visual interface
  • Created data structures based on OOP principles, such as Stop and Trip and used the Java Collections Framework
  • Implemented a full featured map including plotting stops individually and on routes by using the OpenStreetMap API

* Private academic repository

Work Experience

Past and current jobs
  • Software Engineer, Intern - Cognex Corporation

    • Enhanced C++ FW/embedded SW in machine vision tools, unit tested w/JavaScript, integration tested w/Python
    • Compiled builds, and remotely connected to smart cameras running Linux on ARM via SSH in Bash
    • Fixed bugs and improved usability in our software for developing machine vision applications on .Net Core with C#
    • Recommended, implemented, and demonstrated Jira workflow triggers for company-wide Agile development teams to smoothly transition issues through the Scrum board via Git commit, branch creation, and PR submissions
  • Software Engineer, Intern - Leonardo DRS

    • Developed 3 CLI scripts in Python to aide in regression testing for the upcoming Columbia class US Navy nuclear submarine Main Propulsion Drive (MPD) programmable logic device (PLD) firmware verification team
    • Facilitated conversion of existing code repository from Surround SCM to Git/Bitbucket by resolving edge case crashes and implementing multithreading in a Python conversion script increasing speed of conversion by 30%
    • Debugged PLD test scripts in Modelsim as well as VHDL firmware code in a Git feature workflow contained in 2 week Agile sprints tracked in Jira with requirements managed in DOORS
    • Produced a quick start guide for new hires outlining steps on getting acclimated with the code base and Git workflow